The golden thread


Merwe Mode was created by Deeva van der Merwe, Deeva graduated from FEDISA with a BA degree in fashion design and business management. After a two-month internship at Tom Ford’s studio in London she came back to South Africa.

The brand was officially launched in August 2014 at Boston Society concept store in Long Street Cape Town. Influenced by visual elements, clean lines and subtle details, with a strong androgynous theme in their work.

Merwe Mode has been invited and participated in several Mens Fashion weeks including Mozambique 

Merwe Mode is the home for Merwe Make, Merwe Wed and Merwe Salt. Each forming a part of the whole. 

Merwe Wed being all things bridal, which include the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen as well as mother and father of the bride and groom, we even include your furry friends if you need it. 

Merwe Make focus on production and pattern making, producing custom-made garments for various clients, including, Lodges, Hairdressers, Hotels. We do complete custom costume design for the film industry as well as helping other Fashion Designers develop their own ranges. Merwe Salt is our own range created In-house.

Our vision is to share our passion and skill of this trade, becoming a local employer producing top quality tailoring for the South African market, with a focus on creating opportunities for the woman and men in Cape Town that makes fashion their trade.